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Walkon Paintball Games are the next step in learning how to play paintball. If you have played paintball a few times and bought your paintball gun and equipment, then it’s time to try out what is known as a Paintball Walkon. A Paintball Walkon is an event where you can only play with your equipment.  That way, you play against others at the same standard or higher. That’s the way to learn.
We hold our Walk on Paintball Games once a month. Full-day events start at 8 am (First game at 10 am) and finish at 4 pm. During that time, we play as many games as possible.
Our Walkon Paintball Games are run like a club. Everyone is very friendly and will welcome you if this is the first time you have played a Paintball Walkon. Staff are on hand to help you set up your equipment if you need help or mingle.
There will be plenty of people there who will be only too pleased to make you welcome.
The games we play are more scenario-based than a standard capture-the-flag game, so there are multiple objectives, and the games can last longer than usual. Each game is designed to test your skills and develop you as a player.
All players who play our walk-ons are very respectful of each other.
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